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PEP Photo Summit 2019 was home to 1500 photographers from around the world (151 cities, 11 countries) to Hyderabad for an experience unlike any other in Asia. Not only was this the largest learning conference for photographers in Asia, this was also the most instagrammed event this year. Thank you, truly, for showing us your willingness to learn, to get better, and to live for the image.



PEP Photo Summit

Asia’s largest photography learning conference is back: learn from 40+ photographers and entrepreneurs.


Are you a photographer (professional to enthusiast), or do you just love photography?
Join us at PEP Photo Summit, with action packed mornings (main stage speakers shown below), and free classes and shoot experiences the rest of the day. Get inspired to live for the image.


See showcase of photographs by PEP 2019’s speakers

Pete Souza: first time in India

Pete Souza: first time in India

PEP keynote speaker:
Pete Souza

Chief Official White House Photographer for Barack Obama

The former Chief Official White House Photographer for U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama and the former director of the White House Photography Office, Pete is an American photojournalist with a legendary career spanning five decades. He visits India for the first time to share his work and journey with us at PEP 2019.

Two session by Pete Souza

Pete speaks on stage at the Summit to all attendees of PEP Summit. This talk is included in the three day pass.

Pete conducts a two hour masterclass on photojournalism, chronicling his journey of decades in professional photography. Titled, “Live for the Image”.


PEP Summit Speakers


Joining Pete Souza on the Summit main stage, from around the world, are these speakers across art, business and craft


And that’s not all: Aamir Wani, Amar Ramesh, Anup J Kat, Arjun Menon, Diinesh Kumble, Joshua Karthik, Neelima Vallangi, Shivya Nath, Siva Haran, Victoria Krundysheva, and more will be on stage at PEP Photo Summit.

See full list of 28 speakers


Introducing PEP Shots

For professional wedding photographers, we have extra sessions and workshops

May 3-5 Afternoons

May 3-5 Afternoons

This year’s main stage pass is already very strong. But there’s more if you want it.

Designed for the practising wedding photographer:

Whether you’re a second shooter, or whether you run your own business, learn from Indian and international masters of wedding photography, across art, business and craft.

Three day pass: May 3-5 Afternoons
Full Day Workshops: May 6 and May 7

  • Needs PEP Summit Pass

  • Includes Lindsay Adler masterclass

  • Includes Pete Souza masterclass


Announcing, masterclasses at PEP 2019!


Two-hour focussed sessions by the masters. Welcome to PEP Masterclasses. Starting with special sessions by Pete Souza, Lindsay Adler and Audi Venkatesh (and more coming next week), amp you your learning with these powerful learning session.

Two-hour masterclass sessions: May 3-5


Fill up your afternoons: free and other sessions for three day pass holders

The full calendar of events in the afternoons, run by Fujifilm, Sony, Lacie and PEP is available for registration now.

  • You’ll need a Three Day Photo Summit Pass for this

  • Login with your phone number and select your sessions!


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