Pete Souza, Lindsay Adler, Audi Venkatesh and all the speakers shown below are talking on the main stage at PEP Photo Summit 2019 (covered in your Three Day Photo Summit Pass). Beyond the main stage talk, they’re also conducting smaller sessions which go deeper into their work.


Two-hour classes designed for those who love photography


Eyewitness to history
Masterclass by Pete Souza

May 5th, 3pm to 5pm

In addition to the main stage talk, Pete Souza is conducting a special, two hour masterclass for PEP that goes deep into his work chronicling the life and times of two influential American Presidents. Learn from one of the truly great photojournalists of our time.

This is a limited seat masterclass for those who wish to experience Pete’s work at a much deeper level.

[Who is Pete Souza] [Pete Souza on Instagram]

Limited seats masterclass. First time in India.

The Art of Stylized Portraiture
Masterclass by Lindsay Adler

May 4th, 3pm to 5pm

In addition to her main stage talk, Lindsay Adler is conducting a special two hour masterclass for PEP. Create a portrait that is a work of art! In this class Lindsay Adler will share her process of creating award-winning portraiture through concept development, mood boards, styling and more. You will learn what it takes to create top-tier quality portraiture that now only wow's your clients, but also allows you to demand a high price tag. She will share her favourite techniques and uncover how you can utilize the concepts of fashion photography to create extraordinary images for weddings, boudoir, senior portraits and more.


Smartphone Photography Explained
Masterclass by Auditya Audi Venkatesh

May 3rd and 4th, 2pm to 4pm

Join Auditya Venkatesh as he takes you on a two hour journey into his process of finding and making images of the extraordinary in everyday life. This class will give you insights into:

a) Audi's vision, the way he sees a shot
b) how Audi perfects a shot from initial idea to final capture
c) Audi's editing process on his smartphone of choice - the Google Pixel 3
d) How his photos of the everyday turn into campaign photos for brands

[Audi is conducting this masterclass on May 3rd, and repeating it on May 4th because of high demand.]

Adobe Photoshop Revealed
Two Masterclasses by Unmesh Dinda (PiXimperfect)

May 3rd, 1pm to 3pm
May 4th, 3pm to 5pm

Unmesh Dinda is a commercial retoucher and Photoshop educator based in India. He runs a popular YouTube channel about Photoshop called ‘PiXimperfect,’ with more than a million followers and 470 videos, many of which have been featured on popular photo sites like Fstoppers, Shutterbug, SLR Lounge, and PetaPixel among many others. Unmesh has been an instructor for major international conferences like Shutterfest, St. Louis, USA and Photoshop World, Orlando, USA with articles published in Shutter Magazine and Photoshop User Magazine.

CLASS #1 - DATE: May 3rd

The Complete Guide to Color Grading in Photoshop
In this class, we will unlock the incredible power of Color Grading to bring your images to life. Right from what color grading is, to some of the most advanced applications, we will cover it all. Whether you are trying to add mood, drama, and depth to your image, or trying to composite two images and replacing skies or changing backgrounds, color grading can help you achieve all of this, sometimes with just a few clicks. We'll start with the fundamentals of how exactly color grading works so that you never will have to memorize any steps and can easily create whatever you imagine. We will learn color grading as one of the most powerful tools in post-processing, whether it is dramatically changing the light or drawing attention to your subject, the applications are limitless.

CLASS #2 - DATE: May 4th

20 Super Quick Photoshop Tricks You Can Try Right Now!

In this class, we’ll bring you twenty handpicked 1-2 minute tricks that would make a world of difference in the way you edit. Discover the hidden gems in Photoshop, with extremely useful techniques for your daily workflow. From One-Click Wonders to Automatic Processing, learn the craziest tricks whether you’re into designing, compositing, or retouching. Also, we will be using Photoshop in ways in which it is not supposed to be used. Whether it is relighting with one click or password protecting your images, let’s explore things fun and exciting

If you’re interested in both Pete Souza and Lindsay Adler’s classes,
consider this combo package:
Wedding Summit Afternoons Pass


Includes talks by Chris Knight, Siva Haran, Anushka Menon, House on the Clouds, Going Bananas, Joseph Radhik, Joshua Karthik, Amar Ramesh, Nikhil Shastri, Nitin Dangwal, Naman Verma and Abhijit Bhaduri

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Eight-hour sessions designed for fashion and wedding photographers


Eight hours each. Workshops required the Photo Summit Pass.

Siva Haran: Creative Portraiture Anywhere

Eight hour workshop. May 6th.

As a wedding and portrait photographer, we may not always have the luxury of an incredible scene to photograph all the time.  Your ability to work in ordinary locations with bad lighting and still produce outstanding and glamorous images will set you apart from the crowd.  The workshop focuses on the approach and process of creating beautiful photographs in any location, under any lighting conditions.  

The workshop will consist of a multi-hour presentation plus hours of live shooting with Siva.

What you can expect to learn from the in-class presentation:

  • Taking vs. Making Photographs - A visual journey of my growth process to illustrate what you have to do to improve your craft.

  • LMC - Light, Moment and Composition - How these three pillars affect the merit of a photograph and how you can go about learning to use each element to a) problem solve then b) to create purposefully.

  • Ordinary Places - Amazing Images - Walk you through before and afters in shitty locations, with shitty light; what I did to pull off some of my iconic photos.

What you can expect to learn from the practical shooting sessions:

  • How to study and analyze a location to see creative opportunities anywhere, anytime.

  • Using available light to your advantage.

  • When to use your tools; continuous light vs. flash, off camera flash vs. on-camera flash.

  • Working fast and light for on location portraits - How to get big impact with portable gear.

  • Shooting during the day and night.

  • A look in to Siva's tool box of creative objects.

  • fundamentals of posing for the light and location

Students are welcome to bring their cameras and off camera lighting equipment.  But its best if you were present to pay attention and learn as opposed to shooting over the shoulder. 



Eight hours each. Workshops required the Photo Summit Pass.

Victoria Krundysheva: Conceptual Fashion Photography

Eight hour workshop. May 7th.

From roots of creativity, coming up with ideas for shoots, mind-mapping and execution- learn all the insider secrets on how to plan a conceptual fashion shoot.


Stories by Joseph Radhik: Keep Calm and Make Photos

Eight hour workshop. May 7th.

Indian weddings are chaotic, colorful celebrations, and succeeding as a wedding photographer in this environment requires a certain elusive inner peace. Over the past 8 years, we at Stories have been constantly striving to find this inner peace so we can focus on the things that matter at a wedding - love and family. This is the essence of our images, no matter what kind of wedding we are at - intimate, lavish, minimal, palatial or even the most known celebrity weddings. Join us as we share how we find emotion, love and compositions even in the most stressful and chaotic wedding situation.

Cliff notes:
- Decoding a variety of Indian weddings
- Storyboarding and planning
- Arming yourself with knowledge of the craft
- Finding inner peace during a shoot
- Directing couples
- Story telling in your photo delivery


Studio A: Lightroom for Wedding Photographers

Eight hour workshop. May 7th.

One day of EVERYTHING about Lightroom. Right from exporting the file to arriving at a unique tone and style in editing, we will be sharing every secret we practice in Studio A. We will be decoding few favourites from Studio A archive and dissecting the process breakdown. We will be working on a diverse set of pictures and explain perspectives and approaches one can take in the Lightroom. Colour theory, work flow, bridging the mindset of the photographer and the editor, implementing imagination, tools, techniques and more!


Joshua Karthik: One Day MBA for creative businesses

Eight hour workshop. May 6th. Repeats on May 7th.

Get past the starving artist mindset, and work towards building a real business, with this one day session by Joshua Karthik, business veteran and co-founder of Stories by Joseph Radhik. The session has been designed with practicality in mind, and combines lessons, discussions on business models, product design, pricing, negotiation, visioning and goal setting, and much more. The intended outcome is to make you a stronger businessperson, whether you come from the humanities, the sciences, or the arts. Here's to a stronger business, and a stronger you.

This far, nearly 100 business owners from several countries have experienced this program and have benefited immensely from the structure and clarity this workshop provides.