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PEP Photo Summit 2019.    View details   .

PEP Photo Summit 2019. View details.


PEP Summit and PEPX, Mumbai:  see photos

PEP Summit and PEPX, Mumbai: see photos


PEP Asia, Mumbai

PEP Asia, Mumbai


Generosity of spirit

Everything you’ve experienced at PEP is owed to the generosity of spirit of scores of people interested in pushing photography further in India. Specific thanks go out to all of these incredible speakers who’ve taken the stage at PEP.


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Joseph Radhik came over to GMax Studios and we had great interview with him. He talks about PEPx (and is also giving away 20 FREE passes) the conference for the beginner, the enthusiast, the hobbyist, the not-professional, the student, the lover of photography. A three day expo and photo fair bringing great talent and fantastic brands together.
audityavenkatesh #audiphotography #smartphonephotography Among those whose work has gone viral on social media and Instagram is photographer Auditya Venkatesh. He still can't believe how his love for imagery has spawned a career and inspires people all over the world. Filmmaker and Photographer Gorky M caught up with him backstage at the Pepx photocon.
In this interview, Gorky M speaks with award-winning wedding photographer and Sony Digital Imaging Ambassador Joseph Radhik. Joseph Radhik is also the founder of Stories by Joseph Radhik, a crew of professional wedding photographers and cinematographers. Joseph talks about his essential photography gear, lighting equipment, how he became a photographer and much more.
irablock #gmaxstudios #inframewithgorkym In the episode, Gorky M speaks with National Geographic Photographer and Cultural Documentarian Ira Block. Ira has shot multiple photographic stories for the National Geographic Magazine including Nat Geo Traveler and NatGeo Adventure. Ira is also a Sony Artisan of Imagery and conducts multiple photography workshops around the world.
Wildlife photography is the photography of nature and its components - especially it's wildlife. In this episode, photographer and Filmmaker Gorky M chats with award-winning photographer, publisher, Sony Alpha community mentor and speaker, Diinesh Kumble. Diinesh Kumble is one of the biggest names in wildlife photography in India.
gmaxstudios #InFrameWithGorkyM #S01E03 Presenting Episode 3 of our photography series - In Frame with Gorky M. In this episode, filmmaker and photographer Gorky M speaks with accomplished wildlife and macro photographer Yuwaraj Gurjar. Yuwraj Gurjar's career spans across three decades, he's one of India's best wildlife photographers and one of the authority figures on macro photography worldwide.