Nine incredible speakers take you through their journeys in life 

March 16th only | PEP Summit

Nine incredible speakers take you through their journeys in life to get to where they are today - As World-renowned ARTISTS. 

Each one of us has an artist within. To give life to that "baby inside us", our speakers will inspire you, with talks of courage, sacrifice, imagination and humility. The format is similar to the famed TED-talks, with each talk being short, crisp and communicating one idea strongly. 

From the world's most awarded wedding photographers, to one of the country's most celebrated fashion designers, to a NatGeo photographer with over 30 years of shooting at every imaginable location on earth - this line-up is sure to blow your mind!

To that artist in you - this is the spark that will give her wings, this is the moment she has been waiting for, for far too long. Creative people, lovers of the arts, breakers of chains - this is your time.


Your pass gives you access to this lineup on March 16th, 2018: 
Joseph Radhik (India) |  Erika Mann (Canada) |  Masaba Gupta  (India) |  Anup J Kat (India)  |  Ira Block (USA)  |  Brendan de Clercq (Belgium)  |  Davina Kudish (Canada) |  Kirsten Lewis Bethmann (USA)  |  Roberto Valenzuela (USA)


10:00 AM - 10:15 AM
Joseph Radhik

Stronger together.
Welcome to PEP and PEP Summit. 10 minutes.


10:15 AM - 10:45 AM
Erika Mann

Mental fitness.
Canada's award winning master of photography Erika speaks on strengthening your mind to conquer stress and staying in the zone. 15 minutes.

11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Masaba Gupta

Not an influencer.
India's hottest fashion designer Masaba discusses her view on her life, as an artist, as a creative professional, and as herself, in a conversation with Joseph Radhik. 30 minutes.


11:35 AM - 12:00 Noon
Anup J Kat

Symbiosis for oceans and photographers.
Cannes-winner Anup's love for the oceans has gifted him a keen understanding of life below sea level. Dive with him as he gives you an insight into his understanding of the oceans, the lessons learnt, and how they can be applied to our lives as photographers and creative artists. 25 minutes.


12:15 PM - 13:00 PM
Ira Block

Inspired by Culture, Driven by Passion: 30 years of Exploring our World
National Geographic's Ira Block will share his evolution in photography from journalist to "documentarian", through the photographs he has taken of diverse cultures and their changing landscapes throughout the world. Inspired and enlightened by what he has seen, Ira’s focus finds meaning and joy in his subjects. He has managed to “see” what others haven’t and to record these images in exhibitions, books, publications and on social media. 45 mins.


15:00 PM - 15:15 PM
Brendan De Clerq

Based in Amsterdam, Brendan de Clercq is a French/Irish photographer who draws his inspiration from the creative world around him. These inspirations translate to powerful imagery and becomes a reflection of himself: Dark and contrasty in his early works, while vibrant and light now. 

Brendan’s journey as a photographer isn’t without its ups and downs. Drawing his strength from loved ones and the creative world, he persisted to trudge through the down times and has since emerged as one of the leading photographers, having been acknowledged by Profoto as one of its global "light-shaping ambassadors". Listen to Brendan’s story about his journey as a photographer, and draw your own inspiration from him. 15 minutes.


15:20 PM - 15: 45 PM
Davina Kudish

Founder of Canada's Image Salon, Davina Kudish speaks of balancing the art of a creative enterprise with the real world challenge (and delight) of building a five star customer service experience. Regardless of the industry you come from, these are useful lessons to learn in a world that is more connected than ever before. 25 minutes.


15:50 PM - 16:20 PM
Kirsten Lewis Bethmann

CHILDHOOD : An Endangered Species (15 minutes)
When I was a kid, I used to pass notes to my friends during class and hope the teacher didn’t catch us. I would play outside until the street lamp came on, my folks not knowing anything about my whereabouts other than I was on one of the three streets surrounding ours. Free play and imagination are now replaced with devices and gadgets. Texts are preferred spoken conversations and social media has stolen the act of interaction amongst peers. My pictures are a reminder to everyone of what is quickly disappearing but so incredibly important in terms of individual growth and emotional development. Childhood without access to imaginary worlds have a much harder time navigating this real life world and as such it is critical that we work to saving it before it disappears forever.


17:30 PM  -18:00 PM
Roberto Valenzuela

My journey with photography (30 minutes)
By keeping it simple, working with fruits and stuffed animals to practice photography with, coming from a small town in the desert, find out how Roberto took his photography career from this to become an Internationally recognized wedding photographer, Canon Explorer of Light, and the best-selling author of four books.