PEPX + PEP Summit = One mega conference. One pass.

PEP Photo Summit 2019

Be inspired, be amazed, be compelled to push yourself further. This year’s conference bring us all together: enthusiasts, semi professionals and professionals all at one stage. From May 3rd to 5th 2019, in Hyderabad, come experience what it means to live for the image.

Don’t wait! The three day pass price moves up by Rs. 100 every 99 tickets. Get your pass now before the price goes up! :)


This time, it’s just one identity. One conference.

Enthusiasts, semi pros, and professionals welcome.

PEPX was an incredible event last year, and so was PEP Summit. This year, we combine both into one mega learning conference: PEP Photo Summit 2019. Listen to incredible speakers on one stage, and interact with incredible people in the audience. This time, we’re all in this together :)

Enthusiasts, semi pros, professionals
May 3 - 5:
PEP Photo Summit 2019

For those who want more
May 3 - 5 (afternoons):
PEP Masterclasses
PEP PRO Wedding Photography Afternoons

For those who want to specialize further
May 6 - 7 (all day)
PEP Wedding Photography Workshops