Keynote speaker: Pete Souza

For the first time in India

For the first time in India

Chief Official White House Photographer for Barack Obama

The former Chief Official White House Photographer for U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama and the former director of the White House Photography Office, Pete is an American photojournalist with a legendary career spanning five decades. He visits India for the first time to share his work and journey with us at PEP 2019.

Two sessions by Pete

Pete speaks on stage at the Summit to all attendees of PEP Summit. This talk is included in the three day pass.

Pete conducts a two hour masterclass on photojournalism, chronicling his journey of decades in professional photography. Titled, “Live for the Image”.

This pass is included in the
PRO Wedding Photo Summit Pass


PEP Summit Speakers


Joining Pete Souza on the Summit main stage, from around the world, are 15 speakers across art, business and craft


And that’s not all: your favourite photographers are back!

PEP Champions and some of India’s most loved and celebrated contemporary photographers, Joseph Radhik, Audi Venkatesh, Anup J Kat and Amar Ramesh return to the main stage at PEP Photo Summit in 2019. With new discussions on art and craft, they will use their incredible bank of work to show you what it is to truly live for the image.


And one more thing! Introducing PEP Shots.

Meet and learn from your favourite young instagrammers

One pass for 28 talks across three days

For those who are looking for even more 

Dive into masterclasses and workshops that go way beyond the normal

PEP Masterclasses are a new two-hour format that sharply focus on one learning area.

Masterclasses: May 3-5

Choose from these sharp 25 seat masterclasses:

  1. Smartphone Photography, by Audi Venkatesh

  2. Lighting Masterclass, by Anup J Kat

  3. Business of Travel Content, by Neelima Vallangi

  4. Conceptual Fashion Shoots, by Victoria Krundysheva

  5. Wildlife Photography, by Diinesh Kumble

  6. Photoshop Colour Grading, by Unmesh Dinda / PixImperfect

  7. Mental health for creators, by Jova

  8. Building your personal brand online, by Abhijit Bhaduri + Joshua Karthik

  9. Lighting for fashion, by Geoff Ang

Live for the image, masterclass by Pete Souza
Finding your personal style, masterclass by Lindsay Adler

Seats are limited. Grab your seats now.

Workshops: May 6-7

PEP Workshops go beyond, and offer hands-on experience on a wide variety of real, practical and useful topics. Seats are limited, and the setting is collegial. Pick your area of interest and prepare for a deep dive.

Choose from these incredible workshops:
1. Art of Storytelling, by Davina Plus Daniel
2. Picture Perfect Posing by Roberto Valenzuela
3. Family Photojournalism by Kirsten Lewis Bethmann
4. South Asian Weddings by Erum Rizvi

5. One Day MBA by Joshua Karthik

Seats are limited. Grab your seats now.


PEP Summit Three Day Pass: 28 talks on the main stage
+ Add-on: PRO Pass for Wedding Photographers: Designed for the practising wedding photographer
+ Add-on: 9 Masterclasses, including those from Lindsay Adler and Pete Souza: two-hour expert classes
+ Add-on: 6 Workshops on May 6 + 7: six to eight-hour sessions