On photography and its nuances

Three-day PEP Photo Summit-2019 begins in city

Flashbulbs popped at PEP Photo Summit in Hyderabad on Friday, as the uniquely-curated event brought together some of the leading lights of photography and talented photographers from across the country. Positioned as a meeting ground for photographers, this is the fourth in a series of events aimed at creating a learning experience for professionals in the industry, said the organisers.

Learning conference

Over the next three days, a range of photography events has been lined up at the venue. “This is a photography learning conference where people will meet their favourite photographers,” said Joshua Karthik, one of the brains behind the PEP.

“Photography has become a medium of self-expression just like what a summer camp used to be. The device is now cheap, allowing you to express yourself. It has become a democratic art. This conference will give a perspective on what all one can do and learn,” said Mr. Karthik.

Among the photographers who are expected to hold workshops and give pep talks are Pete Souza, the former chief official White House photographer, Lindsay Adler, the New York-based fashion photographer, Amar Ramesh of Studio A, Christ Knight, an instructor at New York Film Academy, and a host of other well-known names in the business.