Revolutionising photography

Photography enthusiasts had a great time in getting to know about the art and science of photography from world’s renowned professionals.

More than 1500 enthusiastic and professional photographers from 18 countries came down to be part of the 4th edition of PEP Photo Summit 2019 — Asia’s largest Photography learning convention — held in Hyderabad on Friday.

The three- day unique summit, which will be taking place till Sunday, provides an insight into learning the art, business, and craft of photography through the fresh perspective of budding as well as established photographers.

 Learning, socialising and networking with some of the most inspiring people in the industry will help kickstart new and creative ideas for photographers to perfect their skills.

The tradeshow exhibits, workshops, classrooms, break-out sessions for budding photographers, and insightful thoughts from eminent photographers have enabled the enthusiasts to engross in the engaging sessions and in turn, making it an enriching experience for those who attend it.

One of the key speakers Arjun Menon, an editorial travel, fine arts photographer from Mumbai, shared his inspirational story on why he took to Photography. Neelima Vallangi, a travel photographer for several years, emphasised on how the profession is niche yet alluring in every aspect.

Another speaker Victoria Krundysheva, art & creative director, recounts the challenges she faced when she decided to make a career in being a conceptual fashion photographer.

Chennai-based wedding photographer Amar Ramesh states that such summits will drive change in the Photography industry.

“There’s a revolution that’s started in photography industry in India. With advent of technology and social media, youngsters are not afraid to venture into niche areas (like photography). Also, the love for the art is only growing,” shares an excited Amar.

Joseph Radhik, one of the founders of PEP, shares that the idea of organising this summit is to set a parallel and open discussion for photography as a business and art, and the way it is done in the world and in the region.

“PEP stands for Professional Enthusiast Photographers. I have been planning since a long time to organise workshops for Photography industry and create a lasting impact and leave a legacy. We have realised that community is more important than education. Since Photography is a self-taught profession, photographers find it difficult to find people to talk about their work. So at PEP, photographers can find a family. It a great platform to learn from renowned photographers and be around like-minded people who share the same love and passion. And so far the response has been amazing and we are hoping that the numbers will grow in the next two days,” explains Joseph.