Join Jesh de Rox this March 9-20 in one of the vibrant cities he'll be visiting in Sri Lanka & India.



Who is this for?

Anyone and everyone interested in exercising their personal power to free themselves from stifling circumstances and generational patterns to create a life worthy of their spirit's potential. 



+ 3 hours of self-discovery and creative exploration that will ignite your creative fires.

+ instruction and guidance in implementing practices that rewire your brain to more easily access states of wonder, connection and joy

+ an amazing space to meet inspiring peers who share your journey

+ lots of laughing and possibly more fun than you've had since you were three years old 



the full rate for the SUPERFEEL 3 hour workshop is normally $95. 

*** however, in partnership with PEP, and as an investment in the incredible creative spirits of South Asia, instead of charging money, we are charging 'kindness'. what does that mean? in return for attendance, participants agree to do one significant act of kindness for someone else in the 30 days following the workshop. ***