The PEP Code

As a PEP PRO user, you are expected to maintain a professional demeanour in all your interactions on the site/app. Think of this as your Photography CV!

When you express your interest in a job posted by another PEP PRO member, or you post a job to the PEP PRO community, you are agreeing in principle to living up to the ideals that we strive to live up to every day as PEP Professionals. Please note, these are only guidelines and each transaction is solely between the person posting the job & the person(s) responding to it. PEP does not take responsibility for adherence to any of these by an individual. PEP is here to foster a community that is #strongertogether

The PEP PRO Code of Conduct includes, but is not limited to the following tenets:

a) When I click on the “I’m interested” button
i. I confirm my availability on the indicated date(s) for the job, at the given / quoted price
ii. I agree to the payment terms (for example 50% advance & 50% on job completion)
iii. I agree to give a rating (1-5 stars) to the job poster’s quality during the entire process (communication, punctuality, being nice 12, being professional, etc.) once the job is marked ‘completed’ by both of us
iv. I will perform the job to the best of my abilities, irrespective of who the end-client is
v. If it is an on-site job, I will be presentable, check in advance if all my gear is fully charged & functional, and, I will conduct myself in a thoroughly professional manner

b) When I post a new job
⦁ I will strive to consider the applications thoroughly and choose the one I feel is best suited to the job
⦁ I agree to provide the payment terms (for example 50% advance & 50% on job completion)
⦁ I agree to inform the PEP PRO app in due course who has been chosen for the job by marking the said user(s) and clicking on “Select & Start”
⦁ I agree to give a rating (1-5 stars) to the PEP professional(s) who completed the job, once the job is marked ‘completed’ by both of us

c) Content ownership
⦁ The user who commissions a job clearly specifies rights to the content
⦁ I will abide by whatever clause is mentioned re content ownership
PEP does not guarantee in any way that these will be adhered to by either party, but if each one of us tries our level best to ensure we follow these, the whole community stands to benefit immensely.

The PEP PRO team

Contact Information: If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Terms of Use,
please contact us via email at “contact [at]”