Power up your experience:
add a masterclass or a workshop

Every afternoon, you will find masterclasses
running in parallel with the main stage


Masterclasses: two hours, sharply focussed on one topic

25 seats each, and run by experts in specific photography fields. Choose from Photojournalism, Fashion, Wildlife, Landscape and Travel and Smartphone photography.


Post conference workshops: May 6-7
Eight hours, in-depth learning

Go all in with a full day of learning with these workshops: Stories by Joseph Radhik, Evolve by Studio A, The Wedding Filmer, House on the Clouds and One Day MBA.


PEP Summit 2019

Be inspired, be amazed, be compelled to push yourself further. From May 3rd to 5th 2019, in Hyderabad, come learn something new in photography.

Summit Stage May 3-5: 24 talks / Rs. 2000 Summit Pass

Masterclasses May 3-5: Starting at Rs. 4000 Add-on Pass

Workshops May 6-7: Starting at Rs. 8000 Add-on Pass